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Moenahā - a culture-based instructional method

The Moenahā model integrates natural learning strategies from Bernice McCarthy's 4MAT method with Native Hawaiian pedagogy.

The database can be found at moenaha.org.

Moenahā Unit Planning Template

culture-based curriculumn design toolkit

The Hōkeo Moenahā curriculum design toolkit is now available on the Web. You can create unit and lesson plans there using the Moenahā pedagogical approach.

If you wish to use the old PDF versions of the Moenahā planner, please use the links below to save a copy of your choice of PDF. It will be necessary for you to use Adobe Reader 9.0 or greater to see and work properly with the PDF. On the Mac, Preview unfortunately is not able to properly display all of the interactive elements of the PDF.

If you are using a two-button mouse, please right-click on the PDF you wish to download and choose "Download Linked File As…" or "Save File As…". If you are using a Mac and wish to use the keyboard, hold the "Control" key down, click on the PDF link, and choose the same option mentioned above.

If you are not yet familiar with the use of these special interactive Moenahā PDFs, please download and review the toolkit support PDF named "Unit Support for PDF toolkit (bilingual)", shown below.

Download Adobe Reader (Mac/PC) from Adobe.com.

Blank Unit Planner PDF

Unit Examples

Help PDF