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Windows Keyboard

We have created a custom keyboard layout that works with certain verions of the Windows operating system, and have found a shareware utility that allows the user to modify the keyboard layout for the Windows system very easily. Please follow the instructions careful and read the disclaimer below. Hale Kuamo ªo does not provide technical support for the fonts, keyboard layout, or Microsoft Word. Please do not email or call the Hale Kuamo ªo for assistance with font installation keyboard layouts or configuring Microsoft Word.


These files are provided without warranty of any kind. The user is assumed to have a basic understanding of the Windows operating system, and is solely liable for any damage caused by the installation or use of these files.


Note: This section is for Windows 95 and Windows 98 users only, and does not apply to Windows 3.1. Please see the section below on typing Hawaiian characters in Windows 3.1.It may not be necessary for you to download and install this keyboard file. Your word processor may allow you to create keystrokes that generate the 'okina and kahakō. What our fonts have done is to replace the umlaut-vowel combinations with the kahakō, and umlaut-y has been replaced with the kahakō. If you do not know how to do this, your word processor does not allow you to easily access these characters, or type Hawaiian very frequently, you will probably find that downloading and installing the Hawaiian Keyboard file below will be the best for you.We have developed a custom keyboard layout for Hawaiian under Windows 95 using Janko's Keyboard Generator for Windows 95. It is a very easy to use and powerful keyboard generator that can work for any language. If you would like to create your own custom keyboard layout, or modify the keyboard that we have created to suite your own tastes, please visit the homepage for Janko's Keyboard Generator. He also has a professional version of the program that can create "dead-keys", a feature not included on our Hawaiian keyboard. Mahalo e Janko! There is also a utility called SwapKeys that allows you to create your own keyboard layout and easily turn it on and off. Our Hawaiian keyboard becomes your permanent keyboard layout.

  (Download .pdf file)


Once Windows 95 has restarted, start any word processor or other program that you want to use the Hawaiian fonts in. Select one of the Hawaiian fonts and begin typing. To type the 'okina or a vowel with the kahakō, you'll always use the RightAlt (Alt on the right side of the space key). If it odes ot exist on your keyboard, use the Ctrl and Alt keys pressed together instead.

  • To type the 'okina, hold down the RightAlt and press the apostrophe key.
  • To type a lower case vowel with the kahako over it, hold down the RightAlt and type the vowel.
  • To type an upper case vowel with the kahako over it, hold down the RightAlt and shift keys together, and type the vowel.

If you see the letter "y" or any vowel with two dots over it (the umlaut), then you have not selected a Hawaiian font. Those are the characters that we have replaced with our Hawaiian characters. Select the text and choose and HI Font. Thats all there is to it!


Unfortunately it is not as easy to manipulate certain Windows 3.1 system resources the way it is to do so for the Mac and for Windows 95. I have tried to find a way to duplicate the system that we use to generate fonts on the Mac and Win 95 to no avail. I have found a shareware utility that was originally designed to make it easy to generate characters in Cyrillic languages. This utility is called "AltKbd". The archive below contains the full archive of the AltKbd utility, as well as several fonts and keyboards for other langauges. I have created and added a keyboard for Hawaiian. Please note: This utility is for Windows 3.1. I have no idea if it is compatible with Windows 95, so use at your own risk.

This utility is shareware. Please honor the author by sending his requested shareware fee of $14. Make checks payable to Dimitri I., and mail to:
Dimitri I.
25 Roque Moraes Ct #1
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Installing ALTKBD

I recommend that you create a new directory and place the cyrwin.zip archive in that directory, then extract it using pkzip or pkunzip. Once you have downloaded and extracted AltKbd, you will notice many files in the directory. Please follow the following steps:

(Download .pdf file)

Installation is complete! See below for instructions on typing the ‘okina and kahakō.

Typing Hawaiian Characters using ALTKBD

  • Lauch your favorite word processor or text editor and select an HI font.
  • When you need to type a vowel with the kahako, first type the Alt key (do not hold it down, just type and release it).
  • Type the vowel that you wish to have the 'okina appear over, then type the Alt key again to release AltKbd.
  • To type the 'okina follow the same steps as above, except type the apostrophe key instead of the vowel.

To summarize, here is the key sequence:

For a vowel with kahakō:

<Alt> <vowel> <Alt> 

For the 'okina:

<Alt>  < ' > <Alt>


We do not support AltKbd. The instructions here are all you should need to install and use it. Feel free to write with comments, but we cannot offer technical support on this utility. Please do not feel slighted if you do not receive a personal reply to technical problems. Any instruction and clarifications, if needed, will be posted here.

Typing Hawaiian Characters in Windows NT

We do not have any free keyboard layout or utility for use under Windows NT, however, there is an excellent, inexpensive program called SwapKeys that allows you to easily type non-standard characters. Setting this up to work with our HI fonts is trivial.