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Please Note: We no longer use Keyman for typing in Hawaiian using our HI Fonts. You may now download and use the new keyboard resource we have developed for Windows. This page will remain active for those that use and prefer Keyman.

Papa Pihi Hawai‘i for Windows

Tavultesoft Keyman is a keyboard mapping utility developed by Tavultesoft Sotware. In January of 2000 Hale Kuamo‘o contracted Tavultesoft to develop a custom Hawaiian language version of Keyman ("Papa Pihi Hawai‘i"), and this was updated in August of 2002 to support the latest Windows operating system. The ‘Aha Pūnana Leo purchased a world-wide license for the utility so that any Hawaiian speaker can download the Papa Pihi Hawai‘i and use it for free. This license only covers use for Hawaiian, if an individual using it for this purpose wishes to use any of the keyboards available for other languages, you must purchase a license for Keyman from Tavultesoft.The Papa Pihi Hawai‘i installer also installs the four Hawaiian fonts for Windows developed and freely distributed by the Hale Kuamo‘o. There is no need to download and install them separately. If you have previously downloaded and installed these fonts you should remove them before installing this keyboard utility to avoid any potential conflicts. The fonts that are included with the new Keyman have been greatly enhanced, and the screen appearance is much better than earlier versions. To remove the old HI fonts go to "Settings" under your start menu, select "Control Panels", and double click on the "Fonts" Control Panel. You can select and delete the older fonts from this window.You should not install the Papa Pihi Hawai‘i if you have already installed any other keyboard utility, such as the Hawaiian keyboard utilities provided by Guava Graphics and Coconut Info for their commercial Hawaiian fonts. We have not tested the Papa Pihi Hawai‘i on any computer that also had these utilities installed, and there is a potential for conflicts between these two programs.

Disclaimer/Restrictions: The Papa Pihi Hawai‘i is provided free of charge to all Hawaiian language speakers courtesy of the Hale Kuamo‘o and the ‘Aha Pūnana Leo, Inc. It is provided without warranty or technical support. The user assumes responsibility for installation and repercussions of that installation. We highly recommend that you back up all important data on your computer before installation. By downloading this software the user indemnifies Hale Kuamo‘o, the ‘Aha Pūnana Leo, Inc., and Tavultesoft.You may not repost this archive anywhere, or distribute it on floppy disk, CD, or any other media. You may link to this page so that people can download the Papa Pihi Hawai‘i, but do not link directly to the archive.

Download and Installation

Installation (Download .pdf file)