SILS 2014 will be hosted Wednesday, January 15th to Sunday, January 19th, 2014, by the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo in its newly completed Hawaiian language building, Hale ʻŌlelo.

Hawaiʻi State, and the district of Hilo in particular on Hawaiʻi island, has one of the highest concentrations of young Native American language speakers anywhere. Yet, fifty years ago no children spoke Hawaiian in Hilo. The change is the result of aligning school programming with an official language status.

Visits to language immersion programs from preschool to the doctorate will be central to SILS 2014, as will be post-visitation discussion groups.

Challenges such as government testing, developing curricula, and parent involvement will receive special attention.

Conference Center Staff
Mary Ann Tsuchiyama: Assistant Director
Lorraine Kai: Fiscal Coordinator
Daysha Whitney: Registration Coordinator
Robin Black: Tech Support
Sharay Uemura: Optional Field Trip Coordinator
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