Master of Arts (M.A.): Indigenous Language and Culture Education

The Master of Arts in Indigenous Language and Culture Education further prepares mauli ola educators as applied researchers who advance the development of Hawaiian and Indigenous culture-based education through three distinct emphasis:

  • Indigenous Medium Education,
  • Hawaiian Language and Literature, and
  • Indigenous and Minority Languages Revitalization.

The program offers a Plan A thesis track and a Plan B applied research track. Students will automatically be admitted into the Plan B applied research track. If interested in the Plan A thesis track, please meet with the College Graduate Program Coordinator.

Kahuawaiola MAILCE Graduates

Indigenous Medium Education

Coordinator: Keiki Kawaiʻaeʻa

The Indigenous Medium Education Emphasis includes preservice preparation for initial teacher certification through Kahuawaiola, as well as applied academic research knowledge and skills enabling the advancement of Hawaiian language medium education. Conducted primarily in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Language and Literature

Coordinator: Hiapokeikikane “Hiapo” Perreira

The Hawaiian Language and Literature Emphasis contributes to the revitalization of the language and further scholarship through the expanse of historical and contemporary Hawaiian literary resources for continued praxis in society. Conducted primarily in Hawaiian.

pahu drums and ipu heke

Hiapo giving a speech

Indigenous and Minority Languages Revitalization

Coordinator: Scott Saft

The Indigenous and Minority Languages Revitalization Emphasis develops the abilities of students to analyze the role of minority and indigenous languages in their local, national, and international contexts. This stream prepares students to contribute to the maintenance, promotion, and revitalization of languages and cultures facing endangerment in various situations throughout the world. Conducted primarily in English.